Our proofreading process


We fully proofread and edit your manuscript, and fix all English errors in the process. This covers extensive proofreading (spelling, grammar, punctuation) and editing (sentence and clarity, coherency and flow, and academic tone). All the necessary steps are carried out to polish up your manuscript and prepare it for publication or print.


This involves correcting all typographical and spelling errors throughout the text.


This involves adjusting all grammatical and syntax mistakes spotted.


This involves ensuring appropriate use of punctuation and eliminating punctuation errors, especially comma usage.

Structure & Clarity

This involves correcting common sentence structure mistakes, as well as ensuring concise and clear expression of ideas.

Coherency & Flow of Ideas

This involves checking the overall coherency and flow of ideas from paragraph to paragraph.

Academic Tone

This involves improving academic terminology and usage of key terms.

Tracking changes


We track all of the changes made to your work, so that you can go over all of the changes made and choose whether to accept or reject each change. Both the tracked changes version and a final clean version of your manuscript is sent back to you. We also add comments on where you can potentially improve your writing.

Proofreading Samples


Below are some sample documents that we have proofread. We have included samples for all major disciplines.