Our streamlined process comprises extensive proofreading (spelling/typos, grammar, punctuation) and editing (sentence structure, coherency and flow, concise and clear use of language, academic terminology/tone). We ‘polish up’ your manuscript and prepare it for publication or print.

We also offer other services such as Citations and References Adjustment, Style Format Adjustment, Paraphrasing, Turnitin Report Creation, and Language Translation. You can learn more about our services こちらの.



  • 学術

Research articles, journal papers, conference proceedings, research theses/dissertations, research proposals, grant proposals, abstracts, extended abstracts, systematic literature reviews, quantitative research methodology, qualitative research methodology, admission essays, presentation slides, etc.

  • 著者

Fiction novels, non-fiction novels, books, magazines, stories, screenplays, scripts, self-help material, poetry, blog posts, etc.

  • Business and Corporate

Technical reports, legal documents, marketing content, website pages, instruction manuals, annual reports, corporate material, market analysis, Power Point presentations, etc.

  • 求職者

Resume, curriculum vitae (CV), cover letters, application letters, personal statement, etc.

What disciplines and background areas do you cover?

Engineering and Technology

Chemical Engineering, bioengineering, materials engineering, nanotechnology, thermodynamics, process engineering, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, structural engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, applied physics, control systems, electronic engineering, robotics, semiconductors, telecommunications engineering, biomaterials, nanomaterials, polymer engineering, photonics, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering, nanoengineering, marine engineering, optical engineering, cybernetics, systems engineering, graph theory.


Computer Science / Information Technology / Artificial Intelligence

Algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, neural networks, deep learning, supervised machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, image processing, data mining, data science and analytics, support vector machines, expert systems, Bayesian networks, computer graphics, computer networks, cryptography, parallel systems, information architecture, information retrieval, distributed computing, operating systems, compilers, programming languages, quantum computing, software engineering.



Anatomy, cell biology, biochemistry, biotech, genetics, histology, microbiology, molecular biology, pathology, physiology, virology, zoology,  geochemistry, chemical engineering, marine chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmacology, polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry, geobiology, astrobiology, applied physics, fluid dynamics, solid state physics, thermodynamics.



Clinical physiology, dentistry, nursing, dermatology, physiotherapy, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology, physical fitness, physical therapy, public health, surgery, sports medicine, urology.



Economics, macroeconomics, financial economics, public finance, corporate finance, hedge funds, accounting private equity, venture capital, financial planning, commercial banking, tax accounting, external auditing, Islamic banking, marketing, E-business, management information systems, risk management and insurance, business ethics.



Performing arts, visual arts, language/linguistics, literature, history, philosophy, theology, anthropology, political science, social work, sociology, psychology, family law, environmental law, criminal law, immigration law, corporate law, education, distance education, online learning.


Our team consists of subject-matter experts, with advanced qualifications at the Master’s and PhD level from top Universities, and multiple years of editing experience. You can learn more about our team of proofreaders here.




You can get a quotation within the same day by filling out our inquiry form and uploading your manuscript.


You can check out some proofread samples here to get an idea about the overall quality of our work. If that is not enough, you can send a 500 word sample document to us, and we would be happy to proofread that free of charge.


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Do you collaborate with Universities, Journals and Businesses?

Yes, we are in collaboration with many Universities, publishing journals, businesses and industry experts from around the globe. Please do contact us if you are interested to collaborate with us.


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How do you calculate your proofreading/editing rates?

Our rates are based on the wordcount of your document. Check out our current rates here.


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